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Workshops and Private Lessons


Private Lessons

Private lessons are available with Robert Hitz in Piano, Composition and Songwriting and Vocal Coaching and Performance Skills.

Private lessons with Robert Hitz are designed to help students achieve their musical goals rather than focusing on a particular method. There is a focus on the classical repertoire along with a very creative approach to improvisation and composition that is tailored to the student and constantly evolving.  Working in genres including Jazz, Rock, Blues and Musical Theatre enhances a love and understanding of all musical styles.

Theory, Ear Training and Vocal Coaching are fundamentals that are embedded in this approach to developing a complete musician and artist.


Workshops, Seminars and Special Programs

Workshops, Seminars and Special Programs with Resident Artists:
Natalie Pilcher (Theatre)
John C. Wilson (Theatre)
Kim Stuart (Songwriting)
Robert Hitz (Composition, Improvisation)

Workshops, Seminars and Special Programs take place throughout the year and are a valuable enhancement to the overall education as a performing musician and artist.  Community Concerts, Cabarets and fully staged Musical Theatre Productions are part of the array of F2F events.  All events feature newly composed and performed works by student members that span 3 generations.  This positions emerging artists to become musical entrepreneurs. 

7 years – 140 new works - $40,000 raised for charity

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